Legendary Analyst With His Predictions: Check Out This Altcoin! Stronger than Bitcoin


Renowned cryptocurrency analyst Michaël van de Poppe is plotting new price targets for the leading altcoin Ethereum after experiencing massive growth in 2021. The analyst said that Ethereum not only did not perform well against Bitcoin, but could also become the focus of the next big crypto cycle.

Pioneering altcoin draws attention

The crypto strategist thinks that Ethereum’s market cap could surpass Bitcoin’s, noting the growth in the pioneer altcoin’s ecosystem:

thereum is used in decentralized applications. Investors use Ethereum to trade their assets. We also use it with Uniswap and SushiSwap. The actual adoption of the Ethereum ecosystem is growing relatively fast. We also know you are using Ethereum if you want to print your NFTs.

The analyst says that ETH is more resilient than Bitcoin during the last market correction stretching back to November. Regarding his 2022 price predictions, the analyst thinks that Ethereum could be at the peak of explosive growth, reflecting Bitcoin’s move in 2017. He says that ETH could even exceed $20,000. The famous analyst said, “…we can start targeting ourselves the numbers that Ethereum can top; this is actually around $12,600, $17,300, and potentially even $22,000…”

Van de Poppe ends his bullish price prediction by saying that ETH should have a significant support level. “The most important part here is that Ethereum should hold a green block. If that happens, the trend continues and we can keep running the whole cycle.” Van de Poppe concludes the Ethereum discussion by stating that recent project upgrades and the imminent release of Ethereum 2.0 could mean progress. The analyst says: “Ethereum to watch. We are potentially seeing an Ethereum cycle rather than a Bitcoin cycle.”