Legend of Zelda: what would Mario look like as Link in DallE


Link The Legend of Zelda and Mario from Super Mario Odyssey are among the two most iconic characters ever created by Nintendo. The blond-haired Khairul hero and the Italian plumber have had quite a few run-ins over the years in games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Mario Kart 8. However, with Dall-E, fans of the two icons can literally create their own crossover event by combining them together.

Dall-E is a photo generator with artificial intelligence that generates images for any request. Although the art that Dall-E creates often matches exactly the clues that are given to him, the results tend to be blurry and surreal to the point that they are both disturbing and hilarious. This allowed fans of video games to create hellish images of their favorite characters, which Salvador Dali, the namesake of AI, could only dream of, for example, Tom Nook from Animal Crossing as Darth Vader.

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However, Dall-E’s creations should not shock the eye: they can be iconic. Link and Mario are two of the most famous characters in the history of video games, and the series they came out of is an industry giant. By combining them together, creating Link Mario in Dall-E, we will create the first image to be erected in the Sistine Chapel of Video Games.

Link Dall-E and Mario Fusion are hard to understand

Perhaps the iconography contained in the two Nintendo characters was too complex for the AI to instill in one subject. The portraits of Link and Mario hybrid created by Dall-E tend towards abstraction, as if saying that a more realistic image will not be able to convey the greatness of this fusion. The image on the left even uses Picasso’s approach, smoothing the fusion face on a two-dimensional plane, as if it referred to Mario’s design in Paper Mario. On the other hand, the image on the right seems to use a collage-like style in which individual components of other images, such as eyes, mouth and clothes, are cut out and then joined together.

To delve deeper into Dall-I’s creations, AI approached the merger by taking examples of Link and Mario from their respective series. In the image on the left, the iconic green clothing of the Time Hero and short limbs suggest that Dall-I preferred Link from Ocarina of Time and Masks of the Majors. However, the image on the left paints a different picture, as the background is clearly inspired by the Khairul landscapes of Breath of the Wild. Moreover, the body shape clearly belongs to Mario, but the torso seems to be an attempt to capture Link’s blue tunic. But the face is perhaps the most noticeable part. The eyes and mouth don’t look like they’re from Mario’s or Link’s past. The mystery behind them and the gentle smirk of the mouth are as seductive as the smile of the Mona Lisa. And just like that smile, it’s probably better to keep them a secret. To bring together the Legend of Zelda’s Link, who repeatedly defeated the manifestation of evil and power in his universe, with Mario, a plumber who immediately begins to breakdance after saving his wife, would be too difficult to try to understand.


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