Legend of Mana Remaster will gain new menus


The Legend of Mana version for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC will have new features, news in graphics, soundtrack, menus and more. The remastering of the classic PlayStation RPG was announced last Wednesday (17), during Nintendo Direct.

For starters, the new game from Square Enix will have 16: 9 as the aspect ratio, unlike the standard 4: 3 in the first version. The artwork has been remodeled to HD and will make the scenarios bigger and clearer than before.

The Legend of Mana menus have also been redone and, in addition to being more beautiful, are optimized to make everything more intuitive. This same work was done in the dialog boxes, which are more readable.

The characters have been remodeled into high definition art, however, they will continue with a pixelated look to remember the original. See, below, a gallery with new images and comparisons between the old and current version of the game.

According to Square, the soundtrack has been rearranged and players will be able to choose whether they want to hear the classic songs or the new ones. In this regard, “Music Mode” and “Gallery Mode” will also be added, which will allow you to hear all songs and access artworks, respectively. The first game already had a kind of menu to access the songs, but it was only released after the campaign was completed.

To make the gameplay more fluid, a feature was also added to save in any location (except specific scenarios in the story) and another to turn off encounters with enemies. The idea behind this second tool is to improve exploration and make backtracking less boring.

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In addition to the Switch, Legend of Mana Remaster will be released for PlayStation 4 and PC (via Steam) on June 24 this year.


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