Legend of Mana Remaster Gets New Photos and More Details


Legend of Mana Remaster: It has been a while since Square Enix announced the start of work on the Legend of Mana remaster, having even revealed in February of this year that the title would feature unprecedented menus and features. Complementing this package, more information reached the network this Thursday (27).

Among the news, it was mentioned that the title will feature new equipment for the characters, in addition to the pet system (you need to capture the eggs and hatch them to enjoy them and Synchro Effect supports) and Magical Golems to help us combats, allowing access to more than 50 defensive and offensive skills.

Finally, the producer also released some images of the American version of the game, which you can check out in the gallery below:

Legend of Mana Remaster will be released on June 24th in PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch versions.


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