Legend Of Mana Remaster Comes To Android And iOS Phones In Japan


Legend Of Mana Remaster: The classic Legend of Mana was given a remastered version for PC, PS4 and Switch on June 24 of this year. Now the game is also being ported to mobile phones, and has already been made available on Google Play and the App Store in Japan.

The mobile version of the game was announced in Japanese land for the standard price of 2,700 yen, which is around R$134 at the current price. It’s not much different from the R$125 charged for the classic Legend of Mana, currently available for cell phones here in the West as well.

For now, the release of Legend of Mana Remaster for Android and iOS is restricted to Japan, but it would be expected that this version of the game will appear in our region as well.

The Legend of Mana remaster didn’t bring as many changes from the original, but it did make some important changes. For starters, the aspect goes from the 4:3 of the old tube TVs to the more common 16:9 nowadays. The game also offers quality of life changes, such as the ability to turn off enemy encounters and an auto-save function and the ability to save anywhere.

As mentioned before, for now we don’t expect the remaster to be available for cell phones here, but the PC, PS4 and Switch versions are available for the same suggested price of $29.