The Legend Journey of Apollo 13 Made In 4K Video


After an accident in Apollo 13, the spacecraft’s return to Earth by using the gravitational force was revived as a 4K video. NASA created the Apollo 13 landscape around the Moon in 4K quality with images from the Moon Exploration Tool.

Apollo 13 may be at the top of NASA’s most challenging missions. Apollo 13 left Earth in 1970 with 3 astronauts to land on the Moon. Two days after the vehicle was launched, an explosion occurred in the service module of Apollo 13, approximately 320,000 km from Earth . As a result of the explosion of the service module, oxygen stock and electrical energy were lost.

After this point, a great struggle started to return the vehicle to Earth without any damage to the 3 astronauts in Apollo 13. NASA engineers planned to make use of the Moon’s gravitational force so that the vehicle could return to Earth .

As a result, Apollo 13 managed to return to Earth . The successful return of the vehicle, which is planned to land on the surface of the Moon, to the Earth was accepted as a “failed success”. However, the great efforts of Apollo 13 astronauts and NASA engineers made the Moon’s gravitational force be used as an energy source.

NASA now shows in a video how Apollo 13 sees the Earth’s satellite while using the gravitational force of the Moon. Apollo 13’s Lunar landscape was revealed in 4K video with images from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter .

It is very difficult to imagine what astronauts in Apollo 13 were thinking while looking at the same view. They were stuck in cold spacecraft and all communications with Earth were cut off. All they were wondering was if the plan they were holding would take them alive to Earth. Apollo 13 was successfully brought back to Earth. Bringing the vehicle back to Earth in this way is considered one of NASA’s greatest achievements.

4K video of the Moon view of Apollo 13: