Legacy: will continue to have monster skins


The third season of Legacies comes to TV today (21) bringing the conclusion of the plot of the previous season and giving new directions to the characters at the Salvatore School. Although the program will bring some changes, something very characteristic of the first two seasons of the series should remain: the “monster of the week” format.

The Comicbook website interviewed the series’ executive producer, Brett Matthews, who revealed that the monsters will still be part of the show’s DNA. He was asked if the format of the weekly appearances of new monsters would remain for season 3:

“I think it will change ten percent. This is still the mythology on which this season is built, the Malivore mythology and the monsters are obviously integrated into it. So we will continue to see things as in previous seasons. We will have a variety of the greatest hits that we all know, such as dragons, gargoyles and other monsters that have a mark on the collective conscience, in addition to our specific and lesser known monsters, such as dryad and everything ”.

Matthews concluded the conversation by talking about the evolution that the characters will have in the season, and how the monsters will impact it. “The show will continue to evolve this year. The monsters are interesting to see how they will impact our characters. As the characters continue to grow and evolve, the mythology will grow and evolve ”.

Synopsis of the debut episode: “We’re Not Worthy”

In order to control some urgencies at school, Alaric (Matthew Davis) sends students off campus for their first outing. But when a medieval monster arrives with a challenge, students are struggling to guess which one might be a worthy opponent.


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