Legacy: 10 Ways the Series Finale Was the Perfect Ending to the Vampire Diaries Franchise


On June 16, 2022, the Vampire Diaries franchise officially ended, and the Legacy finale made ends meet from both previous shows. Although The Vampire Diaries executive producers Julie Plec and Brett Matthews announced that there would be more DV content in the works, this finale served as a proper conclusion to the trilogy based on The Vampire Diaries, Primordial and Legacy.

The respective finales of “The Vampire Diaries” and “Primordial” provided sufficient closure for most of the show’s main characters, with the exception of those likely to be part of future spin-offs. Now that “Legacy” has come to an end, he needed to complete his own story by carefully weaving the closure for the shows that came before him. Regardless of future series, Legacy has successfully ended the era of The Vampire Diaries, leaving the entertainment field ripe for a new supernatural franchise to take its place.

Hope and Landon become the new gods

The last season of Legacy introduced the gods to the DV universe, and although Hope and Landon weren’t technically named that way, they basically became them. After defeating Ken, Hope once again became the most powerful being on Earth. This, combined with her immortality, makes her a potential god for future generations.

Similarly, by taking Lynn’s powers, Landon became the God Limbo, who decides the fate of the dead and can be summoned. While it’s hard to say where it would have gone if the show had continued, it’s safe to say that Hope and Landon have become their own pantheon.

Hope embraces both sides of itself

Although the focus of “Legacy” was on Hope’s relationship with her father’s legacy, she is a perfect combination of both her parents. Hope has done some terrible things without her humanity, but it took this ordeal for her to accept everything she represents.

The finale gave viewers the perfect symbolism that she finally embraced both sides of herself with the combination of her Labonair birthmark and her Michaelson necklace. The birthmark was almost forgotten in the series, so it was nice to see this hint of Haley, and the necklace shows that she is finally ready to accept both the burden and the joy of being Mikaelson.

No siblings were injured

Although there is debate about which of the Salvatore brothers or Michaelson got the best ending, the winners are officially the Saltzman twins, who both survive (well, sort of) at the end of the show. “The Vampire Diaries” killed Stefan in the finale, and “Primordial” killed both Klaus and Elijah, so it was nice to see the end of the series without family bloodshed.

Instead of ending in a Merger, as it seemed that the series was destined to end in earlier seasons, Josie and Lizzie found closure in living their own lives, and not just being “twins”. Rafe and Landon, who were supposed to be standard brothers fighting for a girl, had a less happy ending: Landon lost part of his soul, and Rafe ended up in the prison world. However, none of the four had to play a sacrificial role in the finale, which shows growth compared to the samples of the other two shows.

Hope Arc Gets Full Circle Resolution

The creators of “The Vampire Diaries” like to tie the finale to the pilot episode, and they did it in “Legacy Through Hope.” She wears the same clothes to welcome new students as in the first episode, and her off-screen monologue is the same, except that by the finale she is more openly accepting of her pedigree.

Twitter user Zara has perfectly set up two scenes so that fans can see the symmetry between the premiere and the finale. Hope was a tragic character in “The Firstborn,” so how she was able to keep what was dear to her and fix what was broken shows her enormous growth at Salvatore’s school.

Closing with Josie

Fans were heartbroken when Kaylee Bryant announced she was leaving Legacy, so they were pleased to get at least some closure with the character. Although Josie wasn’t physically in the finale, her actions were vital to the end of the season: she sent her necklace to help hear Hope’s humanity, and also helped keep the school open.

Although there was a lot of debate at the beginning about whether Josie or Lizzie would survive the merger, the decision the characters got was thankfully a lot less tragic than that. While Lizzie has gained a new sense of independence thanks to her status as a heretic, Josie seems to have found her way by attending a magic school in Belgium (possibly with her former lover Penelope).

Caroline and Lizzie

Fans have been eager to see the twins next to their mother ever since “Legacies” began. For actress Candice King, it made sense to abandon the franchise, but the absence of her character was felt.