Legacies: What Julie Plec said after the cancellation of the spin off of The Vampire Diaries


Legacies, the in-universe spin-off of the hit series The Vampire Diaries, premiered in late October 2018 on The CW, to tell the story of Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell), the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan), the main character of the first spin-off The Original. The vampire drama created by Julie Plec is unfortunately reaching its conclusion after 4 seasons on the air.

Legacies fans have been concerned for several weeks when The CW renewed several of its scripted series for the 2022-2023 season, not including the series starring Rose Russell. The situation became more intense, when the final three episodes of season 4 were postponed to air from June 2.

The successful show remained in a bubble until this Thursday when The CW confirmed the bad news about the cancellation of Legacies. Less than 24 hours after the series was unceremoniously canceled, drama creator Julie Plec took to Twitter to toast the end of 13 years of The Vampire Diaries saga on The CW.

“To my beloved legacies: After filming in Parkland, I decided I wanted to tell a story about the young heroes who would save us from ourselves,” Plec tweeted on Friday. “Good kids who live on the fringes and who were ultimately the heroes of the whole story.”

According to some reports, the delay in the broadcast of the final episodes of the fourth and final installment of Legacies, is due to the fact that the production of the program is currently reworking the story to give a good closure to the arc of Hope Mikaelson, in the finale airing May 16 on The CW.

In her statement, Julie Plec also thanked Legacies executive producer Brett Matthews, who did his best to remain the show’s captain and leader behind the scenes. Likewise, the cast and crew who were part of The Vampire Diaries family from day 1 to 2009 were also included in her thank you message.

“…To the marriages that happened along the way, the children that were born, the friendships that we all made, and hopefully many, many more stories to come.”

“Our kindred spirits on cancellation at The CW. What a streak we’ve all had. It’s sad when business changes under your feet. May you all find your way to your next adventure with the knowledge that you took pride in it.”

Plec’s note on the change of business was in reference to the atypical decision of the network’s massive cancellations this season, which is likely due to The CW network’s rumored upcoming sale. This is the first time in 13 years that a drama in The Vampire Diaries universe will not appear on the fall schedule.