Legacies: The Vampire Diaries’ home appears in the spin-off series


Legacies touched the fans’ emotions in the ninth episode of season 3, entitled “Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight?”. That’s because the spin-off showed, after a long time, the Gilbert family home and also mentioned the couple Elena and Damon, protagonists of The Vampire Diaries.

The Gilbert house

Young Josie ended up deciding to get away and stay with the Salvatore family for a while, while studying at Mystic Falls High.

At one point in the episode, Alaric is escorting his daughter to the house he is staying in during that time: the rebuilt Gilbert house! The house was set up by Elena, who is living on the premises with her husband Damon. When she arrives at the site, Alaric comments that he is surprised by the way they left the house identical to the one that was destroyed.

Anyway, after a long time without appearing, the location returned to the eyes of fans of The Vampire Diaries universe.

The couple Elena and Damon

In addition to the house, the Delena couple was also mentioned in the series again. Josie comments that Alaric is invited to dinner, saying that Elena is preparing some traditional Salvatore family recipes.

Damon was mentioned in a comical way, as the character deserves. Josie is commenting on problems with her relationship with Finch and Alaric comments, “The last person I want to give you relationship advice is Damon.”

The couple has not yet appeared in an image in the series, nor should they appear, but several mentions are made of the two. Still, the short scene served to make fans feel a bit homesick for the protagonists of the original series.


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