Legacies: Season 4 Of The Series Wins Trailer With Death On The Prowl


Legacies: This Friday (17), The CW released a trailer for the 4th season of Legacies, a spin-off series from The Vampire Diaries. With the theme “We are going to die”, the video leaves a clue that death is lurking for an important character.

“I think Hope is going to die,” says the character MG (Quincy Fouse). Elsewhere, Cleo (Omono Okojie) tells the protagonist that she “should have left when she had the chance”.

Check out the new trailer for Legacies below:

“There’s a lot of history out there if we choose to follow this path,” showrunner Brett Matthews told TVLine about the possible death of the series’ protagonist. Matthews recalled the fact that Hope’s death would signal her reaching full potential, as she is part witch, part werewolf and part vampire.

“At the same time, Hope is a fascinating character in any state. I am always ready to watch whatever journey she is on. [Getting totally tribid] would get her into a lot of new problems. How exactly that would affect everything else is the question that has been on our minds for the first three seasons. Hope is tied to her destiny or can she overcome it? Those are the questions she will face,” he added.

Season 4 of Legacies premieres October 14 on The CW. In Brazil, the show has completed 3 seasons on HBO Max and two seasons on Globoplay.


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