Legacies: Season 3 must address Josie’s powers


With the premiere of the third season of Legacies scheduled for today (21), the series’ executive producer, Brett Matthews has released some news about what we can expect from the new episodes.

Matthews confirmed in an interview with TV Insider that the new season will deal with the consequences of Josie Saltzman’s use of black magic.

“You will see that this will develop quite directly. It is obviously an extremely traumatic event in her life and, now that it is over and she is more herself, she will have to deal with the actions she has taken, ”said Matthews.

The producer also added that the impact on Josie could be definitive, or at least last a long time, in addition to directly influencing her relationship with family and friends.

“When you are faced with trauma like this, can you get back to normal? Can you just go back to your old role? Or have you fundamentally changed? Does this change the dynamic between her, Lizzie (Jenny Boyd), Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) and all of her friends around her? This is definitely something you will see [in season 3], ”said the producer.

Remember that in Season 2, Josie was tricked into using black magic. Josie went so far as to trap black magic at mora miserium, but Kai Parker convinced her to break the hourglass while everyone was in the prison world.

When Josie returned to the real world, her dark version seemed to be stuck, however, the end of season 2 teased fans by showing that the Necromancer could somehow be empowered by “dark Josie”.

Legacies season 3 premieres today (21) on The CW.


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