Legacies: All About Season 4 Premiere


Legacies: Aired this Thursday (14), the episode “You Have to Pick One This Time” (You have to pick one this time, in free translation) of the 4th season of Legacies showed Malivore as a terrible villain.

Check out all about Legacies season 4 premiere in our recap!

4v1 Legacies: Hope must make a tough choice

In the final episode of season three, we see Malivore come back ready to consume everyone in her path to get what he wants and Hope being forced to work with an enemy from her past. Meanwhile, Kaleb and MC performed the first official mission as local superheroes.

This fourth season of Legacies is full of surprises and will mark a turning point in Hope’s life, who is ready to embrace her destiny.

Now, Malivore has kidnapped Cleo to put Hope through a little test. He sent her back to the night Landon’s phoenix powers were activated, offering her a chance to rescue him, provided she agreed to leave MG bleeding in the forest.

Malivore was certain she would accept the deal, opting to rescue Landon as she always did, but she surprised him by staying to heal MG.

Lizzie and Josie were able to get Hope and MG out of Malivore’s mind before he could fulfill his promise of torture, but Cleo was unfortunately left behind. Feeling defeated, Hope turned to Lizzie during her last existential crisis and ended up receiving a few words of encouragement.

After apologizing for abandoning Hope and Landon’s relationship all along, Lizzie explained that they had something she never had but are sure she wants: love.

Much to Malivore’s dismay, Cleo apparently gave Hope the inspiration she needed to bring him down. Now it’s just a matter of time.

Certainly this first episode had as one of the strengths the relationship between Hope and Lizzie, in addition to having presented a good development of the protagonist.

With Hope’s supposed inspiration to defeat the series’ villain, what are Hope’s and her friends’ next steps in Legacies? Do you think it’s time to say goodbye to Malivore and be introduced to a new villain?

That’s what we’ll see next week in an upcoming episode of Legacies on The CW.


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