Legacies 3×6: Landon gets trapped in a prison world


Many mysteries and few answers so far. This is a good description of how Legacies season 3 is unfolding. With Landon trapped in a prison world, Alaric facing problems from his past and the Salvatore School increasingly empty, the 3×6 episode has delved deeper into the dramas of the characters, but we still have a long way to go. Check out the full recap below!

Warning: the following text contains spoilers!

More details of the 3×6 episode of Legacies

The Necromancer is in a replica of frozen yogurt restaurant. Malivore also added chains that cannot be broken until Landon humiliates himself in front of customers. Yeah, this is his personal nightmare.

To escape, the Necromancer proposes to work together with Landon. The partnership is extremely troubled and it doesn’t take long for the two to start attacking each other. Landon leaves him and … It’s official. He is trapped in a prison world. At first glance, this world seems to be better than the darkness of Malivore. However, anyone who is a fan of the series knows how dangerous these other dimensions can be – even because this world was also created by his father.

Meanwhile, at Salvatore School, Alaric is losing more and more students. After all, all the confusion with the Necromancer was the last straw for parents and young people began to be transferred to other supernatural schools. So Hope and some classmates are tasked with attracting more students.

However, everyone is exhausted and in no mood to pretend that everything is fine. This is especially true for Hope, as she is still trying to move on and forget what happened to Landon. In fact, she is so unstable that even some fellow students were accidentally hit by waves of her energy.

Amid all this confusion, Alaric still has to deal with a vampire seeking revenge. A hunter murdered his entire family – and just guess who that hunter was.

A little out of the supernatural world, Josie is on her first day of school at Mystic Falls High School. With Dorian as principal, the school is nothing more than an ordinary school. She quickly befriends Finch and Ethan and it is not difficult for her to stop feeling guilty about leaving Salvatore School.

In turn, MJ also deserves to be highlighted in this episode of Legacies. For the first time in three seasons, he seems to be thinking for himself, without letting Lizzie manipulate him and even without pretending that he likes things just because of other people. In a conversation with Alyssa, he says that he is tired of trying to fill holes in his life and put the happiness of others above his own. Good job!

Finally, Hope manages to approach a potential student for Salvatore School. She becomes friends with a girl named Cleo and talks about how she is feeling lost after losing Landon. For Cleo, just admitting her feelings is already a very important step for her to begin to heal.

The two still talk about the troubled life at Salvatore School, but Cleo still decides to make the transfer. Another place is filled by a girl who knew Wade, as they both play Dungeons & Dragons online!

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