Left 4 Dead Has More Active Players Than Back 4 Blood On Steam


Back 4 Blood, in many ways, promoted itself as a possible “spiritual successor” to the great classic Left 4 Dead. After doing very well in arousing an initial interest, the game now seems to have served more to resurrect the desire to play the old one, as L4D finds itself with more players than B4B.

As of this writing, Left 4 Dead has over 21,000 active players, according to SteamDB. Meanwhile, his supposed successor finds himself with a little more than 15,000 players. And it’s interesting to note that the popularity of Valve’s game, which debuted in 2009, grew just after the release of the game developed by Turtle Rock Studios.

Of course, many factors must be taken into account in this comparison. First, the fact that Left 4 Dead is an older game and several times appears for very friendly prices on Steam – including this last Halloween promotion. And, of course, there are not few Valve fans who use the developer’s platform.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the numbers only refer to Steam on PC. We don’t know how the games are performing on consoles, where it would be especially interesting to watch the performance of Back 4 Blood on Xbox, as the game also made its debut on the Xbox Game Pass (which also has a separate app on the PC).