Left 4 Dead 2 receives the Last Stand


Popular Cooperative Zombie Killer Game Community Creates Generous New Campaign for PC Version With Support from Valve; Now available.

Left 4 Dead 2, the popular cooperative first-person shooter in which you literally wipe out thousands and thousands of zombies, now receives in the middle of 2020 a new expansion called The Last Stand, a campaign created by fans of the game and with the approval of Valve that is now available completely free for the PC version of the title; and the launch trailer is here.

New content after 11 years

Thus, and after spending no more and no less than 11 years since its original launch on both PC and Xbox 360, it is now when Left 4 Dead 2 receives a new content update for free, yes, developed by a group of creatives in the game community who have been supported by Valve for its release on PC

So much so, that it is a new campaign that adds to the original ones and that takes us back to the lighthouse stage, with the exception that now we can escape the hordes of infected. How could it be otherwise, up to 4 players will be able to collaborate in real time to kill the hundreds of zombies that will stalk us on the run, all with interesting news.

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