Lee Young Ae Extends a Helping Hand to The Family of The Victim of The Tragedy in Itaewon


Actress Lee Young Ae came forward to help the family of the victim of the tragedy that occurred in Itaewon.

According to the Korean Charity Foundation for the Disabled, Lee Young Ae expressed a desire to help the family of Juliana Park, a 25-year-old Russian foreigner living in Korea, who was among the 26 foreigners who died as a result of the tragedy in Itaewon.

Juliana Park’s father wanted to send his daughter’s body back to her hometown in Russia, but could not raise the $5,000 needed to pay for transportation costs.

After hearing his story, Lee Young Ae shared through the foundation, “I want to help Mr. Park and his family who cannot return to their homeland due to financial difficulties.” Lee Young-ae is currently the head of the Cultural and Arts Advisory Committee of the Korean Charity Foundation for the Disabled.

The Russian Embassy has also come forward, promising to directly address transportation costs for its citizens who cannot raise the necessary funds. They also prepare the documents necessary for the transportation of the body as quickly as possible and discuss the cost issues directly with the person responsible for the business.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is discussing with the relevant ministries how to pay funeral expenses in advance so that such cases do not occur with victims from abroad.

We express our deepest condolences to the victims of this tragedy and their loved ones.


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