Lee Young Ae Donated Money to The Victims of The Recent Fire in Seoul


Actress Lee Young-ae made a heartfelt donation to the victims of the recent fire in Seoul.

This week, the Korean Foundation for People with Disabilities announced that Lee Yong Ae donated 50 million won (approximately 40,700 US dollars) to the victims recently evacuated from Guryong Village after a severe fire.

According to the fire service, on January 20, a fire broke out in the area of Gurin village 4 in Gangnam, Seoul, and more than 500 people were evacuated. About 60 houses were destroyed and about 60 residents were displaced.

The actress shared: “My heart sank when I heard the news about the residents of Guriong village who lost their homes and whose lives became more difficult because of this sudden fire. I want to help those who are suffering a little.”

The foundation added that, as a mother of two children, Lee Young Ae specifically asked them to help all the young victims. Her donation will be used to help the villagers of Gurion get back to their daily lives.


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