Lee Sun Gyun is offered to star in drama


South Korean media circulated the information that renowned actor Lee Sun Gyun will participate in an original six-episode drama project on the international platform Apple TV, called Mr. Robin.

Upon the news, the agency representing the actor noted, “Lee Sun Gyun was offered to star in Mr. Robin directed by Kim Ji Woon. But nothing has been confirmed yet. ”

Mr. Robin is based on the Dr. Brain webtoon. It is a medical mystery thriller that describes what a genius brain scientist experiences when he accesses the brain of a dead person. Lee Sun Gyun is said to have been offered the lead role of the scientific genius.

If Lee Sun Gyun’s answer is yes, the South Korean interpreter will be directed by Kim Ji Woon, famous for his work on “The Good, the Bad and the Weird”, A Tale of Two Sisters, A bittersweet life and I Saw the Devil , among others.

Kim Ji Woon was originally scheduled to direct the French drama Cloud 47 (working title), but production was postponed indefinitely due to internal affairs and the Covid-19 pandemic.

The offer made by Apple Plus TV to veteran actor Lee Sun Gyun, famous for his participation in Bong Joon Ho’s Oscar-winning film “Parasite,” adds to the recent news of the famous Lee Min Ho’s participation in another project of international platform called Pachinko.


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