Lee Seung-gi Donated 2 Billion Won to Seoul National University Children’s Hospital


In a dispute with his former agency HOOK Entertainment, Lee Seung-gi received 5.4 billion won (about 4 million euros) from the latter, and the agency hoped to resolve the misunderstanding.

Although nothing came of it, the artist, having decided to sue the CEO and directors of the agency for embezzlement, promised to donate the money received to those in need.

Lee Seung-gi kept his promise. Indeed, it was reported that he donated 2 billion won (about 1.48 million euros) to a children’s hospital.

Seoul National University Children’s Hospital reported that Lee Seung-gi provided financial assistance for treatment and created better conditions for sick children and their families.

In addition, some of the halls that have been upgraded in accordance with the sponsor’s wishes will be called “Lee Seung-gi Hall”.

Moreover, the star also personally visited and inspected the institution.

“Low birth rate is a national problem, and healthy growth and happiness of children can create a bright future in Korea,” Lee Seung-gi said.

“Since one-time support is limited, we hope that this sponsorship will be an opportunity to create an environment for children and attract the attention of society, and we will continue to support them. “, he added.

Kim Yong-soo, head of Seoul National University Hospital, said: “I am grateful for Lee Seung-gi’s decision, given the difficulties on the ground, and it helped the medical staff a lot.”

He continued, adding, “All the teachers at Seoul National University Hospital will work together to help not only treat the children, but also improve their overall growth.”

We love to see such things!


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