Lee Minho to take legal action against haters


Lee Min Ho’s law firm announced that the famous South Korean actor will take legal action against malicious comments on the Internet.

Many artists around the world use social platforms to stay connected with their fans from other places, get together and tell them about their activities during their busy days.

But unfortunately, other people use the networks to express their hatred and comment inappropriate messages towards some stars of the entertainment industry, many times these attitudes lead celebrities to end their lives.

More and more actors, singers and dancers are joining who make their disagreement public and take legal action against Internet users who spread false information and rumors about them.

Such is the case of the famous actor Lee Min Ho, who through his law firm reported that they are monitoring the publications of the different profiles of the protagonist of the drama ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’.

The LIWU law firm works to protect the rights of Lee Min Ho, in a statement published on its website, Ho’s legal representatives explained that they will proceed before the law against people who make personal attacks, harassment, rumors and who spread false information.

In the text it also says that:

We are in the process of collecting evidence of malicious comments from people who have posted online in places like cafes and blogs, advising or requesting their removal

Everything collected by Lee Min Ho’s lawyers will be presented in different criminal cases, the prestigious LIWU buffet is creating lists of all malicious actions against its client.

In closing, LIWU asked for help from Lee Min Ho’s fans to have more evidence, the professionals are looking forward to input from the online community, and are open to receiving emails with data about malicious commenters.

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