Lee Min Ho’s secrets to always looking handsome


Popular actor and singer Lee Min Ho is one of the most beloved stars on Korean television, the main character of the drama ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ has some secrets and special formulas to stay young and handsome.

Lee Min Ho was born on June 22, 1987, he is currently 33 years old and looks better than ever, with radiant skin, style and charisma, thanks to this combination he has won the hearts of many people around the world.

The actor from the city of Seoul in South Korea has undergone a transformation since his debut on television, in his first drama he appeared as a boy with a good personality and wit and little by little he has been shining more.

The protagonist of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ is now a mature heartthrob who has not lost his special touch in front of the camera, that is why many wonder how the actor maintains his beauty and great health.

Today we will tell you some secrets about Lee Min Ho’s beauty and why he is considered one of the most handsome actors in Korean dramas.


The ‘My Everything’ singer has incredible and well-cared for skin, in addition to looking good on the outside, he cares about his internal well-being and has been photographed drinking ‘Good Base: Red Ginseng & Aronia’, this product has vitamin properties the body, prevents aging and gives a special shine to the dermis.


The famous actor’s diet includes meat, seafood, vegetables and rice, Lee Min Ho likes to combine these products during the three meals of the day, among his favorite dishes are soups, hot stews and at his table you can not miss the Kimchi, which is a fermented side food that adds a spicy touch to delicious South Korean preparations.

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Kimchi stew is one of the favorite foods of the protagonist of the drama ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’. Min Ho always worries about the feeding of the staff and the production when he is on the recording set or in a movie, drama or commercial location.


One habit that the handsome performer has is that he rolls up the rice before eating it, perhaps this gesture adds an extra touch of flavor to his bite. The South Korean actor cannot resist sweets and treats, occasionally indulging in chocolate sandwiches, French fries, muffins, but he also enjoys exotic and savory snacks such as dried squid.

Natural water is of vital importance for the well-being of the human being and this drink is something that you cannot miss around Lee Min Ho, he always carries a small bottle to hydrate himself and keep cool.

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