Lee Min Ho’s most romantic scenes in Korean dramas


Lee Min Ho has played some of our favorite scenes in romantic dramas. All fans of the world of K-Dramas know very well who Lee Min Ho is, this movie and television star has participated in many productions and when it comes to romance, he is one of those who easily manages to get our hearts racing.

That is why Lee Min Ho’s performance has given way to some romantic scenes that were etched in our memory, do you already have any in mind?

Here we tell you about some moments in the dramas where Lee Min Ho captivated us with his romantic performance, giving us cheesy but very beautiful scenes.

Read on and let us know in the comments which of these scenes is your favorite, or if you remember another unforgettable Lee Min Ho moment in Korean dramas.

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While Nana promises to go out of Yoon Sung’s life to avoid causing him problems, she asks him not to quit his job at the blue house because of him, after a goodbye she goes out of this boy’s house and informs him that she will return the clothes that he borrowed after the accident he suffered, but it is then that Yoon Sung shows his true feelings and does everything possible so that Nana does not leave.


When the students from Eun Sang’s school go on a trip, Kim Tan organizes an evening event to spend time with her. He is sure that Eun Sang will try to run away but he is unwilling to allow it, but to his surprise, she is as excited as he is and they can enjoy the night view and the company of the person they love.



Even though Han Chang Ryul has already married another girl, he continues to torment Kae In, so when Jin Ho witnesses this act, he decides to get down to work and do about it. It is then that he takes Kae In’s wrist and brings it closer to him while saying ‘Game Over’, although Kae In does not know for sure what he means, Jin Ho has decided to accept his feelings for her.


Heo Joon Jae had a difficult time and Ji Hyun saw him crying, however after meeting again he tells her that he has nothing to worry about, although Ji Hyun believes him, he also shows him that whenever he wants to talk about something he can do it with her, even if it is something you wouldn’t tell others. Surprised by the feelings of this girl, he too decides to show how he feels about her.


When the F4s travel to New Caledonia with Jan Di, Junpyo prepares a special event and takes this girl on a helicopter ride. It is then that he decides to show him an island with a heart shape as a representation of the feelings he gives him, although at that moment Jan Di does not correspond to Jun Pyo’s love, this was one of the romantic gestures that the boy had with her.



Lee Gon and tae Eul travel back to the palace, but they are accompanied by the team in the care of the King, that is why Tae Eul does not feel free to freely ask everything that causes him curiosity about the world he has just met, but Lee Gon has the solution for it. Lee Gon holds the hand of Tae Eul and traces on his palm the letters of what he wants to say to him, it is then that they begin with a secret conversation that causes the surprise of all around him.

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