Lee Min Ho’s best kisses in Korean dramas


Lee Min Ho has created history in the world of Korean dramas and filmed some kiss scenes that were unique. Drama stories usually make us wait for several episodes before reaching the moment of the kiss between the protagonists, although this is not the case in all cases, it is a scene that manages to awaken the emotion of the fans of the series, especially if Lee Min Ho is participating in this production.

The 33-year-old actor has participated in a large number of K-dramas alongside big stars on television, so some of the kiss scenes starring Lee Min Ho are very popular with fans.

It may be a scene part of your favorite drama or one where the chemistry of the protagonists was present, but surely you remember several kisses that Lee Min Ho has given on screen.

Lee Min Ho has also won some awards for his talent and chemistry with the actresses he has worked with, so here are some romantic scenes that include kisses starring this actor.

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One of the kiss scenes starring Lee Min Ho that we have not yet overcome happened in The Legend Of The Blue Sea. In this K-Drama, Shim Chung comes to live at Joon Jae’s house and although at the beginning their relationship is not the best They eventually begin to develop feelings for each other and become close. In one of the last episodes, Shim Chung and Joon Jae meet in this boy’s room and share a kiss that for the followers of the series was unforgettable.


Kim Nana had a difficult time not being able to contact Yoon Sung, while on the roof of her apartment, Yoon Sung shows up and she starts to tell him how worried she was while she didn’t hear from him, but he walks over and gives her a kiss that kills any trace of anger.



Lee Gon and Tae Eul begin to discover new things that happen with the trip between the Kingdom of Korea and the Republic of Korea, now they know that some of the travelers suffer consequences, it is then that Tae Eul shows his neck and shoulder to Lee Gon to check if she also has the thunder-shaped scar. But this gesture takes Lee Gon off guard and after some banter, this couple has one of the best kisses we saw on the show.


Faith gave us a kiss starring Lee Min Ho that, unlike other romantic scenes, did not require any privacy, on the contrary, that kiss occurred in the middle of the palace with a large number of people around, so we also saw the funny reaction from other characters as love took place.


After going through a whole history together between lies, projects and broken hearts, Kae In tells Jin Ho that even if by staying by his side he runs the risk of facing great sadness again, he would rather take that risk than get away for good. It is then that both share a tender kiss of reconciliation.



One of the dramas that we have not stopped loving is Boys Over Flowers, which is why a kiss scene from this series was necessary in this list full of romance. As Jan Di and Jun Pyo talk sitting on the swings, Jun Pyo explains how nice it was for him to spend time with his family and do things that are everyday for them, after opening his heart and being honest with the girl, they told us they give a very cute kiss scene.

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