Lee Min Ho will reconnect with nature in his vlog


The Lee Min Ho Films team went out in search of adventure to create a new Movielog, MINOZ’s excitement increased with the new photo of the actor.

We know that Lee Min Ho enjoys sharing some details of his day to day with the help of his social networks. The South Korean actor recently launched his YouTube channel and will present new videos on that platform very soon, can you imagine him presenting this time?

Lee Min Ho has started with a series of videos under the name of Movielog, in them he shares activities that might seem from the actor’s everyday life, but his unique style, the incredible shots and the editing of the clips transport us to dream places .


For one of the next videos that this actor will present, we will see him enjoying the fresh air in the middle of nature. Lee Min Ho shared a photo on his account where we see him with the members of his creative team for Lee Min Ho Films, they are on a path surrounded by trees where we see different colors in the leaves because of autumn.

The photo was captured in the middle of the recordings, but we can see the joy of everyone present for their poses and expressions.

Lee Min Ho’s fans have shown their support through this new video project, noting that it’s amazing to be able to watch new content so often. The actor also shared a photo of his dog Choco, who accompanied them on this journey.

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