Lee Min Ho shares photos from his strange night walk


Lee Min Ho shares his daily routine on vacation with his fans and experiences a mysterious night walk. The actor, king of social networks and drama star since “Boys Over Flowers”, once again surprised his fans after sharing new photos on his personal Instagram account. Although his photography skills are not the best, Lee MinHo keeps in touch with his followers and shares funny and strange events in his life.

Through his personal Instagram account, Lee Min Ho shared a new series of photos to share his experience on a night walk. Previously, he experienced a great epic fail documenting his trip to the supermarket, despite having taken the necessary measures, he found the place closed.

Since his departure from the military, Lee MinHo has been active on social media, especially on Instagram, where he recorded his new adventure: a walk through the park to reach a viewpoint and see the amazing view of the city illuminated by the buildings and under the starry sky, although the images are a bit blurry, the post registered more than 3 million likes.


The actor first took a walk in the park, but then decided to climb a fence, joking about breaking the rules and entering a closed space, he also posed in front of the camera and ended his visit on top of the place.

It is not the first time that he shares random photos on Instagram, he also usually plays with his fans and publishes blurry images that he takes at the moment, sharing with his fans the adventures he lives in his day to day, these days, the idol enjoyed Chuseok holiday, one of the most important traditions in South Korea.

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Lee MinHo’s popularity was reflected by breaking the record for being the most followed Korean celebrity on social media, the actor has 20 million followers.


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