Lee Min Ho Performs As A Stylish Villain Ahead Of Long-Awaited Pachinko Premiere


Since last January 27, Lee Min Ho and the Apple TV + platform have begun to show the first previews and the world premiere date of Pachinko on the platform scheduled for March 25 of this year. The series will be told in three languages: Korean, Japanese, and English, and will debut with the first three episodes followed by new weekly installments every Friday, during its eight-episode run through April 29, 2022.

The new official images of Lee Min Ho show him in some scenes impersonating Hansu, a powerful and mysterious man secretly related to the Yakuza (Japanese mafia) who arrives in a Korean coastal town as a fish merchant, who will have a great weight in the narration since it will be the trigger for the whole story that will come later in Pachinko.

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name by famed Korean American writer Min Jin Lee, Pachinko stars Soji Arai as “Mozasu”; Jin Ha as “Solomon”; Inji Jeong as “Yangjin”; Kim Min Ha as “teenager Sunja”; Lee Minho as “Hansu”; Kaho Minami as “Etsuko”; Steve Sanghyun Noh as “Isak”; Anna Sawai as “Naomi”; Han Jun Woo as “Yoseb”; Jung Eun Chae as “Young Kyunghee”; Jimmi Simpson as “Tom Andrews”; Jeon Yu Na as “the young Sunja”; and award-winning actress Youn Yuh Jung as “Senior Sunja.”

The most recent official images present Lee Min Ho in the new role that outlines him more as an elegant villain very different from the Prince Charming of K-Dramas that his fans were accustomed to seeing throughout the successful artistic career of he. The first official poster that has caught the attention of Lee Min Ho’s followers shows him together with Kim Min Ha as the couple who lives a tragic romance whose consequences will mark the life of a family for more than 40 years.

About this new work, some curiosities emerged that curiously relate Lee Min Ho to his latest K-Drama The King: Eternal Monarch, first of all as many know because his former co-star Jung Eun Chae will also participate in Pachinko, who in this Opportunity will play Kyung Hee, Yoseb’s wife and Sunja’s sister-in-law. But the most charming anecdote occurred this January 27, when Min Ho welcomed his character by symbolically greeting him on his Instagram account and the interaction he had with his other former co-star and friend, the actor Woo Do Hwan.

Fans of the artist hadn’t finished celebrating when he posted his photo dressed in a spotless white suit in a Pachinko scene in which he wrote, “Hello Hansu,” when a few minutes later Woo Do Hwan left a comment showing applause emojis. After pinning the message from his friend, Lee Min Ho joked accusing him of spending too much time on social media, when he should be busy filming the Netflix production Hunting Dogs, of which the young performer is a part.

“Do Hwan-ah, aren’t you recording? You are on Instagram every day.

To which Woo Do Hwan replied, “I will come often.”