Lee Min Ho is the perfect companion for shopping


Shopping sessions would be more fun with Lee Min Ho and his strategy for choosing clothes, get to know what this actor is like when he visits stores.

Lee Min Ho shared a new video on his YouTube account and surprised his fans by showing why he is the ideal companion for shopping. His good taste and his tactics in the world of fashion will accompany you on your next shopping day.

Say goodbye to compulsive shopping, Lee Min Ho set a good example by pointing out that shopping for clothes doesn’t make him happy if he doesn’t have a special reason, find out everything that happened in his new vlog.


In case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to shop with a celebrity, Lee Min Ho showed this process in his new video. The clip begins with a look at the exterior of the store the actor will be visiting, we watch him enter glamorously as he wanders the aisles, searching among the sideboards, and shaking his hair charmingly.

The actor tries on various types of jackets and coats while the camera shows us twists to highlight the effect of the constant changes, but nothing seems to convince the protagonist of The Heirs.

Lee Min Ho’s companion tells him that he should buy something to wear it later, but he expresses that he does not make sense to go shopping at that time because he does not have an occasion to wear the outfits.

The actor continues to receive advice on why he should buy some items and how he might combine them until he finds some clothes to his liking. When his shopping session is over, he heads off to enjoy a meal with other people.

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