Lee Min Ho is the perfect companion for shopping


There is no doubt that shopping would be more fun with Lee Min Ho, what is the K-drama actor’s strategy for choosing clothes? In this video is the answer.

Lee Min Ho has posted a new video on his personal YouTube channel that has surprised his fans by showing why he is the ideal companion for shopping. The good taste and tactics in the fashion world of the K-drama actor are sure to influence many on their next shopping spree.

Say goodbye to compulsive shopping! Lee Min Ho set the example by pointing out that buying clothes doesn’t make you happy if you don’t have a special reason, the K-Drama actor elaborated on this position in the video posted on his personal channel.

In case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to go shopping with a celebrity, Lee Min Ho has documented the process in his new video, starting with a view of the outside of the store the actor visited and we see him enter glamorously. as she walks the halls waving her hair charmingly.

What’s it like to go shopping with Lee Min Ho?

In the video shared by Lee Min Ho on his YouTube channel, you can see how the actor tries on various styles of jackets and coats, however nothing seems to convince the protagonist of The Heirs. It is at that moment that his companion suggests buying something to wear later, however the K-Drama actor expresses that he does not see the sense to buy something because he did not have an opportunity at the door to wear it.

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This fun experience shared by Lee Min Ho on his personal channel ends with the K-Drama actor picking out clothes to his liking and heading out to a meal with other people. What do you think of the video of this shopping experience with a celebrity? At Somagnews we will keep an eye on the latest in the Korean entertainment industry to keep you informed.


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