Lee Min Ho: How Old Was Lee Min Ho in The Heirs?


Lee Min Ho’s most popular characters include his role in the K-drama Heirs. On several occasions we have seen Lee Min Ho wearing a school uniform to bring his characters to life, do you remember them? Today we talk about his character in The Heirs.

Kim Tan’s story in the K-Drama was one that stole hearts and motivated us to follow him through the different episodes. The production brought together several stars from South Korea who perfectly adapted to the youth story that to this day is one of the most popular.

Lee Min Ho was in charge of giving life to this character, a boy who despite being the son of a powerful businessman, was conceived out of wedlock, and although he was raised with his parents and half brother, he was eventually sent out of the country to keep him from causing trouble should he want to fight for fortune or a position in the company.

Despite this, an unexpected encounter abroad makes him return and strive to regain the good relationship he used to have with his brother, although his arrival in the Asian country causes a lack of control at home and at school.

Lee Min Ho’s age in The Heirs

Herederos began airing in October 2013, launching 20 normal episodes and a Christmas special. That means that when The Heirs was filmed, Lee Min Ho was 26 years old, but despite that, he was perfectly suited to his role as a student.

 Much of the cast of this Korean drama were actors and actresses who gave life to students that Kim Tan and Eun Sang studied alongside, all of them were part of a high school, so we can calculate the age of the characters at around 18 years.

This was the last school drama in which Lee Min Ho participated and after several years of its premiere, we can see that it not only succeeded but also left its mark.

Recently we also told you the name of the school where this entertaining drama was filmed, do you remember the scenes inside the school?


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