Lee Min Ho Has The Best Company on Korean Rainy Nights


K-Drama vibe doesn’t come off Lee Min Ho even when he’s off set and his photos prove it. Rain sometimes comes when we least expect it and caught Lee Min Ho while he was away from home, the moment was charmingly captured.

In many parts of the world, the rainy season continues, but sometimes the weather is totally unpredictable and we cannot be certain how it will change throughout the afternoon or evening. The Actor Lee Min Ho went for a walk and suddenly drops began falling on the streets.

The protagonist of The King: Eternal Monarch took a break and went for a walk with Choco, his beloved pet who we usually see shining on the actor’s Instagram account. It seems they weren’t planning on staying outside until the rain came but they still had a wonderful time.


As soon as the rain started, the actor made sure to keep Choco safe and tucked inside his backpack letting the pet’s head and face stay out and enjoy the view (don’t forget to swipe to see all the photos).

The night scene and the streets reflecting the lights due to the water that was on them gave that moment a magical vibe and almost out of a Korean drama like the ones we see Lee Min Ho .

The actor and his puppy casually posed for some photos while they waited for the water to stop, but in the meantime they had a great time in the cool weather.


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