Lee Min Ho has a fun dinner, who did he hang out with?


The drama actor had a mysterious candlelit dinner that piqued the interest of his fans. We tell you what Lee Min Ho shared on his social networks.

Within the world of drama, there are Korean actors who achieved international fame thanks to their performances. Lee Min Ho is one of them and he recently had a dinner that has caught the attention of his followers.

Lee Min Ho’s popularity grows every moment, proof of this are his numbers on social networks, with Instagram being the one he uses most frequently.

The 1987-born is known for his roles in dramas like The King: Eternal Monarch and Boys Over Flowers, but when he’s not busy with filming or professional projects, Min Ho knows very well how to party.

Through his publications he usually shares moments of his day to day such as visits to the supermarket or his night walks. The posts of this actor almost never carry a description to accompany his photos, that is why some of them become a mystery that fans want to decipher.


The actor who gave life to Lee Gon published a new photograph within the aforementioned platform, in which we see him enjoying a dinner while the table is lit with candles.

Lee Min Ho appears in the picture and we see that he had his hand moving as he held it up high as the camera caught a bit of the action he was doing.

The lighting of this stage caused some of his followers to wonder who he was sharing the moment with or if it was a romantic dinner, but because there are no tags in the image, it is not easy to decipher.

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After filming his most recent K-Drama, Lee Min Ho was romantically related to his co-star Kim Go Eun, but despite suspicions and rumors, the actor has pointed out that he is currently not dating anyone and is focused on enjoy your work and your free time.

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