Lee Min Ho dreams of being the partner of actress Song Hye Kyo


We will travel back to the past during an interview that Lee Min Ho did for SmartShe magazine where at first he talked about his age and his taste in fashion. In this second part, Lee Min Ho confesses about women, pointing to Song Hye Kyo as his ideal type and his role model without giving any changes.

“My dream is to be a couple with Song Hye Kyo sunbae. Although she looks delicate and elegant, she is very determined and has very good acting skills. “

Lee Min Ho believes that everyone has their own charm. Lee Min Ho hopes that his future partner will be a good person who understands his own charms and it would be better if they could have great talk together. Of course you have to respect others and older people.

What do you think of Lee Min Ho’s words ?

In other news, Lee Min Ho , makes his leap to Hollywood with his participation in the series ‘Pachinko ‘ and now the actor has arrived in Canada to start filming with his scenes. Vancouver isn’t the only place the Justin Chon and Koganada-directed series is taking place though – filming for Pachinko also took place last fall in Busan, South Korea. ‘ Pachinko ‘, is a novel that will be brought to the screen by Apple TV , it is the second novel by Lee Min Jin , an author born in Seoul but raised in the United States