Lee Min Ho brightens your day with his new photos


Lee Min Ho’s fans were pleasantly surprised by the new stills of this Korean drama actor. Lee Min Ho is one of our favorite stars in the world of drama and recently shared some images with which it will be impossible to have a bad day, read on and find out how he motivates his fans.

Two new updates arrived on Lee Min Ho’s Instagram account, where he usually shares some moments from his day to day and also some glimpses of his work.

This Korean drama star posted a set of photos wearing a blue shirt, where he holds an orange flower by placing it on his head. We see him showing a serious expression, but as you progress through the images a big smile appears giving him a charming look.

This post gave his fans reason to smile, but Lee Min Ho’s positive effect would continue with a second post that arrived just hours later.

The City Hunter protagonist showed us a bit of an outing he had, during which he stopped to enjoy a drink. The images reveal the difficulties that many of us have faced since the pandemic began and will probably make you feel identified while laughing at the actor’s action.

Lee Min Ho published a collection of three photographs, the first of which is a selfie in which he shows us that he is well protected with his mask and is wearing his hoodie, but if you scroll between the images you will not be able to help but laugh at the see the way he had to put on his mask while he drank a little from his glass.

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