Lee Min Ho and Lee Seung Gi prepare for collaboration


The two actors had a fun chat about their upcoming activities. Do Lee Min Ho and Lee Seung Gi have surprises?

Lee Min Ho and Lee Seung Gi released their first collaborative video on YouTube, both of which K-drama figures proved to be friendly and a lot of fun. Check out all the details from Episode 1 of their teamwork.

Yesterday, through Lee Min Ho’s personal Instagram account, he published a promotional video of the collaboration he made with singer Lee Seung Gi, the project excited Internet users and the post collected more than 3 million likes.

A few hours ago, on the official YouTube channel of the protagonist of the drama ‘Personal Taste’ he shared the first episode of Lee Min Ho x Lee Seung Gi , both celebrities chatted through a fun video call.

Lee Seung Gi commented that he had seen all of the actor’s videos on YouTube, praised his colleague’s creative and directing work, Lee Min Ho felt a bit shy and confessed that he had found a new hobby.

The ‘My Everything’ performer said that he would have a month without activities, recordings, or photoshoots and invited Lee Seung Gi out for something to eat. Will both stars get together to plan a musical duet?


The actor of the drama ‘A Korean Odyssey’ proposed to record something with Lee Min Ho for his new record material, adding that if their schedules have a little space they could meet. OMG!

The celebrities talked about the possibility of changing songs and would present an MV in the form of a gift to fans, they would film something that excites both of them and began to come up with the story of the clip.

Lee Min Ho recommended that Lee Seung Gi show his true personality in the video of their collaboration , he commented that this activity was going to be like his ‘baby’, so his thoughts would have to be reflected.

The ‘The Heirs’ actor ended the song by saying that he has listened to Lee Seung Gi’s music a lot , thought he was a great musician, and now has quite a few ideas to bring to his duet. Do you expect the work of both stars?

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