Lee Ki-woo Can’t Hide His Feelings For Lee Bo-young When They First Meet in The Drama “Agency”


The upcoming JTBC drama “Agency” has announced the appearance of Lee Ki-woo, who will bring excitement to the story!

“Agency” is a drama that depicts a battle between exquisitely desperate advertisers through the story of Go Ah Ying (Lee Bo Yeon), the first female VC Group executive who covets the highest position in the company.

Lee Ki-woo plays the role of Jung Jae-hoon, the CEO of a gaming company who supports Go Ah-in after meeting her for the first time during a promotional presentation. It is expected that the pure and free-spirited Jae Hoon will give moments of relaxation to Go Ah In, who is tirelessly running towards her dream and success.

Recently released footage captured the first meeting of Go Ah In and Jung Jae Hoon. In a conference room full of tension, Go Ah In skillfully makes an advertising presentation in front of people with a relaxed and confident expression, and Jung Jae Hoon watches her with a warm smile.

In the images below, Go Ah In and Jung Jae Hoon enjoy a private dinner at a luxury restaurant. They look at each other affectionately with a subtle tension in the air, arousing the expectation of the audience.

The premiere of “Agency” will take place on January 7 at 22:30 Korean time. kst. Check out the drama teaser here!


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