Lee Jong Suk closes the year with a donation full of solidarity


Nothing better than sharing and helping others this season, Lee Jong Suk set the example by making a valuable contribution to a foundation.

This year is coming to an end and although the season is usually related to festivities, togetherness and joy, it is not so easy for everyone to enjoy it, especially when faced with challenges and difficulties.

That is why actor Lee Jong Suk once again approached a foundation that helps those most in need and collaborated to be part of the altruistic work in this closing of 2021. The actor’s good gesture won the applause of his fans and a gratitude from all those who will benefit, but who is the actor supporting with his donation?


The protagonist of Romance is a Bonus Book donated 100 million won to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, a site where children in need are supported until it is time for them to enter society independently.

The donations of this celebration will be destined precisely to help young people who are now preparing for the transition that will take them out of child protection institutions due to their age, but both the foundation and the collaborators (Lee Jong Suk being one of they) will give you strength to do so successfully.


When Lee Jong Suk’s donation was announced, an actor’s message was also revealed that accompanied the monetary contribution, in it the celeb explained that she knows very well that starting to be independent and take care of yourself is a stage full of challenges, especially because of the difficulties facing the world today.

Although he is aware that it is not an overnight change, he sent his best wishes to those who begin this new stage, but also said:

I hope that children living in child care institutions grow up healthy and enjoy unrestricted educational or career opportunities.

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