Lee Jong Suk buys a luxury house in Hannam district


Rumors suggest that actor Lee Jong Suk bought a house in one of the most expensive condos in South Korea. Lee Jong Suk is one of the most famous actors in Korean dramas, the famous native of Suwon city, Gyeonggi province, began his career as a model, but his histrionic talent led him to venture into K-dramas .

Many Korean celebrities have invested their valuable assets in comparing luxurious houses or apartments, it is a long-term investment that is currently a business and that is very beneficial to them.

Lee Jong Suk is currently in social service, the handsome actor from the drama ‘W’ is completing his training period as a civil servant, doing various social and office duties.

It was recently reported that Suk allegedly bought a large property in the luxurious Hannam neighborhood, specifically in the Nine One villas, a place that is characterized by having K-pop figures such as G-Dragon, politicians, businessmen and others among its tenants. stars of the entertainment industry.

Nine One’s apartments and villas are located in Hannam Dong, Seoul, it is less than 20 minutes from Gangnam, according to the WSP website, the housing complex has 9 buildings and 335 houses, each property has its own elevator and private patio. Wooow.

Jong Suk would have paid more than 4 million dollars for his new villa in Nine One Hannam, surely the famous person chose this sector of Seoul for the security and privacy that the place offers to all its inhabitants.

The acquisition of Lee Jong Suk’s house coincides with the sale of his building in Gangnam Gu Shinsadong, it is said that the model bought the property some years ago for more than 3 million dollars and its price is now 5 million dollars. American dollars.


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