Lee Ji Hoon Apologizes For The Conflict Between The ‘Sponsor’ Staff And His Friends At The Filming Location


Having been dragged into a controversy, actor Lee Ji Hoon finally opened up about problems on the set of ‘Sponsor’.


Previously, a ‘Sponsor’ staff reported that the friend that Lee Ji Hoon brought to the filming location had cursed and caused a stir, which Lee Ji Hoon was considered the mastermind behind his friend’s attitude.

In response to the problem, Lee Ji Hoon through his agency, Ssom Entertainment and the ‘Sponsor’ production team conveyed his apologies.

“First, we sincerely apologize for this unpleasant news. It is true that there is a conflict between the actor’s friends and the drama staff members. Actor Lee Ji Hoon tried to apologize the day it happened, and we don’t think it went smoothly.

The actor is deeply contemplating that his friend visited the set and caused a disturbance, and he is constantly trying to contact the staff member through the production team because the staff member in question cannot be contacted at this time. However, on the claim that he ‘takes off his pants and causes a nuisance’, it seems the poster wrote something like this about him changing clothes in a hurry due to his busy schedule.

However, we apologize to the staff members on set who felt uncomfortable because of this. We will be more careful in the future, but we hope there are no misunderstandings. The actor is aware of the seriousness of the incident and is deeply reflecting on it. We hope that he can contact a staff member and resolve the matter amicably.”

-Ssom Entertainment-

This is the production team for ‘Sponsor’.

First, we apologize for delivering bad news. We will share the production team’s point of view on issues that arise on site. Lee Ji Hoon and his friend got into a conflict with the staff on set. But what happened after that was because of the misunderstanding they had towards each other.

Lee Ji Hoon expressed his apologies for not being more wise and mature in dealing with him and for the conflict between his friend and the staff.

Right now, he was anxious because he was unable to contact the relevant parties. We sincerely hope that no one else is harmed by the distortion of untrue information.

In the future, we will pay more attention so that the production environment does not cause any more conflicts.

We apologize for worrying so many people.”

-Drama Production Team ‘Sponsor’-

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