Lee Je Hoon: 10 Facts About Lee Je Hoon You Should Know


This year, actor Lee Je Hoon managed to attract many fans thanks to his full performance in the drama. Thanks to his success, Lee Je Hoon managed to attract many fans thanks to his performance. Due to his success, Lee Je Hoon finally made big plans for the future, which is why he is now not only an actor but also the head of a new agency and director.

If you want to know even more details about this beautiful and talented South Korean artist, we’ll share more information and fun facts about him.

  1. Lee Je Hoon was born on July 4, 1984. He started his acting career in 2009.
  2. Earlier in his career, Lee Je Hoon starred in more movies than television series (Kdramas), for which he was not well known in the past.
  3. Lee Je Hoon’s name began to gain popularity with audiences when he played a gay character in the short film “Just Friends?”
  4. Until finally, since 2012 the presence of Lee Je Hoon in movies and dramas has been enhanced by the audience, they manage to win even more fans.
  5. The films that made the actor famous are ‘Architecture 101’, ‘Ghost Sweepers’, ‘Phantom Detective’, ‘I Can Speak’ and ‘To Collectors’.
  6. While the dramas that gave him great popularity are: ‘Signal’, ‘Tomorrow With You’, ‘Hot Stove League.
  7. In 2021, Lee Je Hoon managed to attract many fans thanks to his two dramas that premiered this year: ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Move to Heaven’.
  8. Thanks to his success, Lee Je Hoon was finally able to establish an agency in June of this year called ‘COMPANY ON’.
  9. Then, in August, Lee Je Hoon surprised fans by announcing that he will direct the film ‘Unframed’. The funny thing is, on this tape, Lee Je Hoon immediately hooked actor Jung Hae In as the main character.
  10. The film is in the process of shooting and is scheduled for release in December this year.


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