Lee Dong Wook explains why he chose to be Lee Yeon


Lee Dong Wook opened up about what prompted him to play the mountain guardian gumiho and urban hunter of creatures from the underworld, Lee Yeon in The Tailed of the Nine Tailed: “It’s like a mix of genres, more than just fantasy, so I had a lot of fun reading the script, “he said.

The figure of the gumiho known as the nine-tailed fox is found within the Chinese, Japanese and Korean cultural tradition. In Korean tradition these foxes are female and evil, in most cases. They normally take human form to seduce or devour men.

“I liked the concept of a male gumiho, which breaks our preconceptions about what a gumiho is,” said the actor.

The star revealed that one of the aspects that most attracted her to her character in Tale of the Nine Tailed is that she depicts someone with a lot of scars, Lee Yeon pretends to be fine on the outside but has been suffering on the inside for a long time.

To step into the shoes of a charismatic and intrinsic gumiho, Lee Dong Wook recounted that he trained for action sequences at a stunt school while diligently rehearsing his scenes.

Regarding the mysterious and elegant look, Lee Dong Wook explained that he paid a lot of attention to his change of Look for a much more sophisticated one, so he painted another hair color and used monochromatic, classic and elegant outfits.

Meanwhile, the producers of Tale of the Nine Tailed announced that they will suspend the broadcast of the remaining episodes until November 25. They explained that the reason for making this unexpected decision is to improve and enrich the next scenes to come and thus guarantee the quality to which the public is accustomed.

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