Lee Dong Wook, all the dramas and movies of his career


Lee Dong Wook has become one of the most popular Korean actors, he knows all his performances in dramas and movies.

The actor was born in the city of Seoul on November 6, 1981, is currently 39 years old, (40 in Korean age) and is governed by the sign of Scorpio, describing his personality as someone passionate and very assertive. It is said that he can be someone very sensitive and emotional, but noble of heart and determined to do the things he loves.

Lee Dong Wook started his career since 1999, since then, and has established himself as one of the favorites in Korean entertainment, he currently works under the agency King Kong Entertainmente and is preparing his next film “Single in Seoul”, where he will play a bachelor from The city happy with his love status, until he meets a bad dating editor tasked with writing a book about his life.

In love, he had a relationship with actress Suzy, another of the great figures of Korean series. His military service began in 2009 and his studies were carried out at Jungbu and Saejung University, where he specialized in Art and Communication, as well as Cinematographic Art.



Beauty inside

Starring: Lee Dong Wook and various actors
Where to watch: Viki
Comedy and romance film that tells the life of a boy who takes on the appearance of a different person every day. Lee Dong Wookj plays Woo Jin

The Recipe

Starring: Lee Dong Wook, Ryu Seung Ryong, and Lee Yo Won
Where to see: Viki, Drama Releases
An action film that tells the life of a prisoner with the death penalty, he asks as a last wish for a meal, which arouses the curiosity of the prison director and unleashes the discovery of several secrets.

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Heartbreak library

Starring: Lee Dong Wook and Eugene
Where to see: Doramas premieres
Romance film that tells the life of “Jun Oh”, a man who was abandoned by his partner and must find a mysterious message on page 198 of a book, a librarian decides to help him after mistaking him for a boy who is vandalizing.

Perfect couple

Starring: Lee Dong Wook and Hyun Young
Where to watch: Viki
Romance film that tells the life of a reporter who always gets into trouble, until she meets a detective who suffers from aicmophobia, fear of sharp points. Both will begin to have unexpected encounters and some disastrous ones.


Starring: Lee Dong Wook and Song Yoon Ah
A thriller that follows the life of detective So Young, who decides to solve a mysterious case involving rookie Hyun Ki. Both must clarify the death of several people as a result of a mysterious email.


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