Lee Da Hee relies only on Choi Siwon in the drama “Love for Suckers”


ENA’s new comedy drama “Love for Suckers” will take viewers on a roller coaster of emotions!

Love for Suckers” is a romantic comedy in which Lee Da Hee and Choi Siwon from Super Junior play two best friends who have known each other for 20 years. When they meet as a production director (PD) and an actor of a reality dating show, they suddenly begin to have romantic feelings for each other.

Lee Da Hee is starring in the drama as Gu Ye Rym, an entertainment show producer in the 10th year of his career. Despite her hard work, all the programs she participates in end in failure. Meanwhile, Choi Siwon plays Park Jae-hoon, a plastic surgeon who lacks passion for both work and personal life, who eventually appears in Gu Ye-rym’s new dating show “Kingdom of Love” as a contestant.

“Love for suckers” shared a brief overview of the dynamics of two best friends with the help of new photos from the drama. In one of the pictures, Gu Ye Rym and Park Jae-hoon are enjoying a small birthday party for two under the moonlight. After seeing Gu Ye Rym’s gloomy face, Park Jae-hoon tries to cheer her up by acting cute and dancing funny dances to make her smile.

The drama’s production team commented, “Both Lee Da Hee and Choi Siwon perfectly portray a delicate situation in which two people keep their distance to remain just friends as their feelings for each other begin to change. Please keep an eye on the two of them as their chemistry shines brighter with each shoot.”


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