Lee Corso Threatens Not to Choose a headdress for Notre Dame of Ohio


The College GameDay team is in Columbus on the eve of a large-scale confrontation between Ohio State and Notre Dame.

However, before starting the game, Lee Corso must choose his patented headdress. But will he?

Earlier this morning, he threatened that he would not make a choice. “It’s hard for me to choose this game because there’s a Brutus in Ohio, but I’m Catholic,” Corso said. “I can’t object to Notre Dame.”

Kirk Herbstreit reminded his longtime friend that Corso chose the Buckeyes to win the national title.

“Yes, but I can’t object to Notre Dame. So I’m not going to choose this week. Flash, I’m not going to choose a hat this week. Everyone thinks there will be a headdress, but I’m going to leave without a headdress. So I don’t choose.”

Of course, at the very end of the video, Corso showed his choice.

He can’t go against Brutus.


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