LeBron James Sends a Clear Message Amid Rumors of James’ Armor Set


Rumors about the process of recruiting Bronnie James to college have recently begun to surface.

On3 Sports reported Tuesday that Oregon was the leader to receive the 2023 four-star rookie of the year.

Bronnie’s father, the great NBA superstar of all time, LeBron James, denied these rumors with a final message on Twitter.

“He hasn’t had a single visit yet, and he’s only had a few calls with coaches and universities. When Bronnie makes his choice, you’ll hear it from him. #JamesGang,” LeBron wrote.

Bronnie, a senior at Sierra Canyon High School in Los Angeles, is currently ranked seventh among the nation’s offensive defensemen by 247Sports. His hype as a promising player is now gaining momentum due to a recent dunk.

Very little information has been discovered about Bronnie’s college recruitment process. And, apparently, it will be so for quite a long time.

The On3 Sports report, which named Oregon as the leader for Bronnie, also named the University of Southern California and Ohio State as possible landing spots. But so far, any forecasts are based only on rumors and speculation.

Where would you like to see Bronnie play college ball?


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