LeBron James Is Coming To Fortnite Island


LeBron James is coming to Fortnite island. Space Jam: The New Legend will hit theaters on July 16. LeBron James, the lead actor of the movie and superstar of the Los Angeles Lakers, is also coming to Fortnite island as part of the promotional activities of the movie.

According to the information provided by Fortnite developer Epic Games, starting July 14, players will be able to find two different LeBron James skins in the game. One of them is inspired by LeBron James‘ pre-game dressing style. Here it will be possible to see LeBron James in a jacket, hoodie, shorts, shirt and tie.

In the second skin, LeBron James will be seen wearing the Tune Squad skin. Beneath all these costumes are LeBron James‘ specially designed Nike shoes, which will be available at the end of the month. As a third option, it will be possible to purchase two skins along with some extra content.

LeBron James won’t be the first superstar to visit Fortnite island. Names such as Travis Scott and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins have appeared in Fortnite before.


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