LeBron James Excited on Thursday: NBA World Reacts


On Thursday afternoon, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James admitted that he feels a little emotional today.

Why? Well, his sons LeBron James Jr., also known as Broni, and Bryce played on the map together for the first time.

“Dude, I’m literally watching Bronnie and Bryce on the court together for the first time in a game situation!! This is CRAZY!!

Fans liked that LeBron was sharing family news and seemed a little vulnerable at the same time.

“LeMotional AF,” one person joked.

“I can’t imagine how proud you are at this moment as a father,” another fan said.

“These are moments that we cherish as parents. I’m happy for you and the boys,” said a third fan.

Fans are waiting to see if LeBron will play in the NBA long enough to play alongside Broni in a few years.


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