Lebenslang für Muttermord: Anwalt bang to “Riverdale” – Star


Ryan Grantham’s lawyer fears for his client. The “Riverdale” star is currently making shocking headlines: about two years ago, he shot his own mother, for which he is now sentenced to life imprisonment in a maximum security prison. However, the Canadian’s lawyer is now demanding a sentence to medium—security imprisonment – he fears that Ryan may not survive his time in a maximum-security prison.

In an interview with TMZ, Ryan’s lawyer Chris Johnson expressed concern that the 24-year-old man could face “physical, psychological and sexual intimidation” in a maximum security prison. With a height of 1.57 meters and a weight of 50 kilograms, he is “small and slender.” It is reported that not only the lawyer, but also the judge asked for placement in a less dangerous prison with an average level of security.

But how did the condemnation come about? Ryan recorded a video after the fact, in which he confessed everything. But the actor planned another murder: his diaries showed that he also wanted to kill Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (50). But before he could put his plan into action, he turned himself in to the police.


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