Lebanon gets new explosion Hezbollah arms depot


A technical error causing a new explosion in Lebanon, now in Ein Qana, about 50 kilometers south of Beirut.

Lebanon has been through a lot in recent months, now a new explosion at an arms depot of the powerful Shiite Muslim group Hezbollah exploded in the south of the country, triggering a new shock wave across the country, which was still reeling from an explosion in the capital that killed nearly 200 people in August.

The Lebanese army said the explosion occurred in a building in the southern village of Ein Qana, about 50 kilometers south of the capital, Beirut, on Tuesday, September 22, but said it was under investigation.

Hezbollah’s media office said the blast was caused by a “technical error” in its weapons depot. “This explosion occurred in a house that stored weapons, the result of a technical error. No one was killed or injured. The building belonged to a demining association affiliated with Hezbollah,” Zeina Khodr said.

It is not known what “error” caused the explosion

It was not immediately clear what the “mistake” was that caused the powerful explosion. Hezbollah members imposed a security cordon around the blast area, preventing journalists from reaching it.

Images broadcast by a local media station showed damage to buildings and debris scattered over a large area, as well as what appeared to be a burning minibus. Other images showed a wrecked SUV parked outside a damaged home.

The explosion comes seven weeks after the powerful explosion in the port of Beirut, triggered by the detonation of nearly 3,000 tons of improperly stored ammonium nitrate.

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