At least how many people will be needed to establish a colony on Mars?


According to a new study, at least 110 people should be sent to this planet in order for humanity to establish a self-sufficient colony on Mars. Scientists point out that while using mathematical models, this problem can only be addressed on the theoretical level.

One of humanity’s greatest dreams is to build new civilizations on planets outside the Earth, to build a new and sustainable life here. For now, the planet that we think we are closest to this dream is our neighbor Mars. Especially while Elon Musk and his company SpaceX and NASA’s work for life on Mars are on the agenda, a new study provides important data on the colony that we plan to establish on this planet.

According to the article published by Jean-Marc Salotti from Bordeaux National Polytechnic Institute, we need to send at least 110 people from Earth to Mars in order to establish a self-sufficient civilization on Mars. The research is mainly trying to find out how many people and resources we will need to settle elsewhere in the universe. The research using mathematical models calculates the minimum number of people required to live on a planet.

More people change the calculations:

Emphasizing that more people will change the calculations, although the minimum number is 110, Salotti points out that people’s success in settling in other planets depends on a number of factors. These include whether people can work with each other and whether they can share their time with their resources. Professor Salotti says the problem is largely theoretical at the moment, but it can have a significant impact on the future of humanity.

Reminding that life on Earth could face a devastating event one day, Salotti suggests that the only way to survive humanity may be to go to Mars or another planet. Companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX are also looking for ways to bring people to Mars if this type of situation happens. Because the number of people that can be taken to Mars is inevitably limited, human and resource calculations are of great importance.

SpaceX, which has made its first manned flight into space in the past days, plans to send rockets from the floating rocket launch facility to space for future Moon and Mars missions. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced that they are starting to work for floating rocket launching facilities.


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